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How to get from Sofia Airport to city center and bus station

sofia airport to city Sofia is becoming more and more popular with travellers which make the most of the cheap flights from the major European cities. For a budget traveller in search of a value for money experience, Sofia really is one of the best destinations to visit in 2018

Travelling to Sofia is actually quite a comfortable, easy journey.  Unlike most capitals where you most likely land to an airport miles and miles away from the city center, awaiting another 40-50 min journey, Sofia Airport (SOF) is only 6miles away from the heart of the city. You don’t have to rush to catch a coach or a train so relax and check out your best options for getting into the center.


By the metro

Some call it the tube, others call it the undergraound or the metro. Regardless of what you call it, this is the best option to get into the city. The slighly annoying thing is that there is a metro station only at Terminal 2. This wouldn’t be an issue if you land on T2 but if you find yourself in T1, you’ll have to get to T2 first. Reading this you might be thinking ”what’s the big deal?” And I’ll tell you what it is! There is a free bus which connects the terminal but sadly it runs every 30min so if you just missed the bus, you might find yourself waiting for half an hour. The actual journey though is only 5-7min. So unless you’re rushing for your flight on the way back, this probably won’t be a big deal! But do keep it in mind if you’re landing/ departing from T1.

From the airport metro station, there is only 1 metro line that you can get on, the blue line, and you want to get to Serdika station. 25min later you’ll be at the station where the central Vitoshka boulevard starts. That’s pretty much as central as you can get.

If you’re going to the main coach station, get off at the Central Railway station of the metro. Luckily both the railway and the coach station are near each other so it’s the same stop whichever station you’re after.

Useful information!

  • Price of a single ticket: 1.60 leva (0.80 EUR)
  • Price of a daily card: 4 leva (2 EUR)

(You can pay by card or cash)

  • Metro opening hours: 5:30 AM – 12 Midnight
  • Get yourself the metro map here


From T2 to T1

Last time I was flighing out from Sofia, the free airport bus was taking so long that me and another fellow traveller had to pay for a taxi to get from T2 to T1 a as we were both tight on time. As the drive is really quite short, around 5min, we had to pay way over the normal fare to convince one taxi driver to take us across the road. It sounds pretty bad and it kinda is but thankfully it only costed 10 BGN (5 EUR) each. So on the way back to the airport, check closely which terminal you’re flying out from. You wanna make sure you have enough time to transfer from T2 to T1 if needed.


By Taxi

The easiest option for getting into the city is by taxi. There are always plenty of taxis just outside of both terminals so getting one should be pretty easy. The drive into the city should cost about 15-20 leva (7-10 EUR). I’m saying ”’should” because this can differ massively if you don’t get into one of the trusted taxi companies. There are a lot of companies out there that will overcharge you so don’t get scammed. I strongly suggest that you only use OK СУПЕРТРАНС [OK Supertrans] (not ОК СУПЕРШАНС оr ОК СОФТРАНС) or Yellow! With these two companies, you can sit back and enjoy your drive not panicking that you’ll get a big bill at the end. If none of these companies are outside of the airport (highly unlikely), agree the price to your destination before accepting the ride.

Oh, and for the Uber fans, I have to say that sadly there is no Uber in Bulgaria.

Have a wonderful time in Sofia and don’t forget to have some Shopska salad 🙂


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