Easy tricks to save up for more travel in 2018

One of my main goals in 2018 is to explore as much from this world as I can. I know that travel is super high on your list of goals as well so I thought I’d share with you my top tricks on how to save money so you can travel more and not let money stop you from going where you wanna go. Saving is hard but it’s often the smallest simple things, that’ll make the difference so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that these ideas are super simple and they won’t save you much because reality is, they will.


Track your expenses

This is absolutely crucial for anyone wanting to save any money at all. You probably have a budget, a goal … say to save 15-20% of your monthly income but unless you know how much you’re spending, you just can’t know if you’re going over your budget or not. So you gotta track what you spend your money on. I used to use an old school Excel spreadsheet to monitor my expenses but from this year I’m using an app called Spending tracker. It’s free, extremely easy and quick to use and literally takes seconds to add an expense once I’ve gone out of the shop or paid for my flight. Really recommend you downloading it and using it every day. Only by tracking will you know what you’re spending a bit too much on.


Use Cashback Websites

The truth is that it has never been easier to spend more than we should on things we probably don’t even need but equally true is the fact that nowadays we can get more support with our savings than ever before. One such helper is Quidco. It’s my go to website whenever I need to buy something brand new. It offers amazing cashback offers for various different retailers so any time I have to buy something, I first check if the websites that sell the item are on Quidco. That way I’m saving up with pretty much every purchase that I make! Plus signing up to Quidco is 100% free so hell yeah 😀 Before you’ve forgotten, sign up for free here.


Go Online To Learn

It has never been easier and cheaper to learn. And I don’t mean the classic classroom kind of learning, no! we’re talking about convenient online learning where it’s all tailored to you and your schedule, at no or little cost. YouTube of course is my main go to place whenever I wanna learn something. However if I need more, a great source of free (and paid) courses is Coursera so next time you need to up your game, do check it out. It goes without saying but whatever skill/knowledge you need to acquire, try to stay away from the classroom teaching, it’s too expensive and often requires too much time we just don’t have.


Do It Yourself

Yeah right?! Easier said than done … and I can’t agree more. But you know what, this is one of those trial and error things that might be quite fun to play with. I for one cut and dye my own hair (YES, I’ve had some errors :D), stitch my clothes and do all things girly myself (you know … nails, eyebrows, etc.). So play around with it. What can YOU do that you usually pay someone else to do for you? I bet that if you give it a go, you’ll start saving and enjoying yourself more than you think. Plus this also means you’ll be learning a new skill (however small) and this is huge in today’s market where it’s all about being resourceful (i.e. being able to do different things that can earn you $$$).


Bye! Bye! Naughty Habit

This is probably the one you’ll hate me for the most because it’s probably the sweetest pleasure of all. Yes, I’m talking about the tubs of ice cream, the packs of cigarettes, the chocolates bars, you name it. And again, it’s not so much the actual price, it’s the volume that can tip over the boat. So all I’m trying to say is Challenge yourself to get over the need to have that thing that you so badly love and save a few $$$ along the way. In any case, it’ll be a win win 🙂


Do a Weekly Shop

Weekly shopping

The more you see something, the higher the chances that you’ll get tempted to buy it. Makes sense, right? This is where weekly shopping can help. Doing one big food shopping at the weekend requires a bit of planning but it pays off massively both in terms of saved cash and amount of chocolate bought and consumed 😀 (chocolate lovers, don’t hate me for saying that) On week days we tend to shop from the closest store to us which is often not the most affordable. Doing one big shopping gives us a kick and makes us walk the extra mile to get to the further cheaper store because we know the bill will be somewhat higher and we fancy a little discount from the high street shop. This saves both cash and time and who wouldn’t like more of them both?


This is not everything tough, if you’re serious about saving grab my full guide with a total of 15 saving tips and let’s make 2018 the best year yet. Just fill in your details below and I’ll send you the full guide in just a few seconds 🙂



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