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What to do with 2 days in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana town aquare

My trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia was quite spontaneous. For the first time I didn’t plan absolutely anything apart from my accommodation. It was right in the middle of August so prebooking was pretty essential. And I couldn’t have been happier with the place I booked for my 2 nights in Ljubljana. It was an Airbnb shared house which although not ideal had the best host I could have wished for. He welcomed me with a shot of traditional Slovenian liquor 😀 and gave me handy tips on where and what to see. Suddenly I had a sightseeing plan 😀


Exploring Day 1

The first thing on my list was the Castle. It was a great start of my tour as I was dying to see the views over the city. Ljubljana is surrounded by so many mountains and I knew the views would be stunning. Getting to the castle was actually pretty easy because every road was eventually leading to it. Entry into the castle was free but I paid 7,50 € to go up to the tower and see the views. The actual castle I must admit wasn’t very impressive, both from the outside and inside, but the view was pretty good with beautiful mountains spanning from one side to the other. 

Ljubljana castle

The path to the castle

Ljubljana castle

The castle’s inner court

Ljubljana city view

The view from the top

As I  was going down on my way back to the Old Town, I decided to head to the market where you can find anything from fresh fruit and veg to food stalls and coffee takeaways. You would think that street food is cheap but a tiny, otherwise yummy, salad costed me 5 €. It still gave me energy to walk around the city center for hours so I shouldn’t be complaining 😀 The Old Town really is beautiful. In fact the capital center is entirely a pedestrian area so the lack of traffic and the Ljubljanica river calmly passing through the city really make up for a wonderful relaxing stroll. What really made my casual walk into a proper experience were the many street musicians I got to stop and listen to. It was just so incredible to see how much everyone was embracing and enjoying the street art. And it was literally everywhere, gathering tourists and locals alike. 

Ljubljana old town

Ljubljana old town

Ljubljana old town

Ljubljana red church

A tour in Ljubljana wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the famous red Franciscan church in the main square and the Cathedral which unlike many other cathedrals was actually prettier from the inside so definitely go in and don’t let its simple outside look disappoint you! It’s quite magnificent inside 🙂

Ljubljana cathedral

Exploring Day 2

I started my day with a morning free walking tour which was definitely worth it even though I had already seen all sights, yup in just 1 day 😀 But it was very interesting to learn about the history of the capital and its most popular sights and it was even pretty entertaining so definitely don’t give it a miss. After the tour I had realised that as far as the center is concerned, I had now seen everything … a few times 😀 So I rented a bike and went for a ride to Tivoli Park which is Ljubljana’s largest park. The park really is huge so renting a bike was definitely a good idea. Funnily the actual rental wasn’t the easiest so reading this post for some quick instructions will come handy. If you’re not up for a ride, you’d be happy to know that in Ljubljana there is a free taxi that can pick and drop you off anywhere in the center. It’s the first time I was hearing anything like it, I mean free transport in Europe? That never happens 😀 but it’s totally legitimate so definitely ask in the tourist office for the free taxi number!

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A truly vibrant super cool part of Ljubljana which I cycled to after the park was Metelkova City. It’s a very cool place just off the center which used to be an army site but was later taken over by a group of artists when the government wanted to destroy the area. Now the place houses a hipster bar, club and apparently a hostel as well, all covered in graffiti and artsy ornaments. See what I mean by the pictures 😀 I went to Metelkova during the day because I wanted to see the details and take pictures of them but if you want to have a drink going during the evening will be a better shout. 

Metelkova city

Metelkova Ljubljana

Metelkova city Ljubljana

Ljubljana Metelkova city

Metelkova Ljubljana


What else?

If you’re going to Ljubljana in the summer you would definitely want to know where the best ice cream is, right 😀 Arguably, the two best options are offered by Cacao and Vigo. I was debating quite a bit between these two and I ended up going for Cacao. I thought it was very creamy so I’d say, give Vigo a try 😀

Ljubljana slovenia

If you fancy falafel as much as I do, you must have lunch at Abi Falafel. It’s a small place with a big big menu and a decent price (compared to my salad from the market 😀 ) and you can either have a sitdown or takeaway. I was in Ljubljana for my first ever solo trip and I wanted to see how (un)comfortable I would be grabbing a table by myself which actually turned out to be pretty fun; who would have thought 😀

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Ljubljana but if I had even one extra day to spend there, I would have definitely become a bit bored as I literally saw everything in 2 days 😀 Luckily the transport in Ljubljana is pretty good so there’re many  easy options to venture out of the capital if you start getting just a bit bored. This is how I went to Skofja Loka, completely unplanned 🙂

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Couldn’t resist to show you some more pictures 😀 

Ljubljana Slovenia

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