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Adventure Kayaking in Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar kayaking

If I could give just one tip on what to do when you go to Hvar in Croatia, that is it – book yourself a kayaking trip from Hvar Town to Pakleni Islands. Hvar Town is a gorgeous little place with beautiful paved streets, breathtaking scenery and abundance of beautiful beaches which offer a lazy stop over after a whole day of island hopping.


Why kaykaing you ask?

Hvar Kayaking

My boyfriend paddling his way to Pakleni

I doubt there is a better way to see Hvar and Pakleni islands than from the water and what a better way to experience the sea and its gentle waves than paddling in your kayak. Plus if you go with a group, you can even make some friends which is always a great add on!


What is Pakleni Islands?

Pakleni islands

Pakleni islands shore

Pakleni islands is a group of 14 islets and rocks dispesred in front of Hvar island which is about a 1.5 hour away from Hvar town on a kayak. It’s this super remote combination of crystal clear water, beautiful pretty much deserted beaches, walking pathways into the woods with ocassional kayakers and snorkelers.


The Experience

Pakleni islands

Time to recharge in my hammock

Pakleni islands

Just enjoying the blissful peace and quiet in one of the few cafes on the island

We took our kayakas in the morning, at around 10am. I strongly advise that you start off your trip in the morning rather than the afternoon as the temperature rises quite a bit, even in September, so having a cooler paddle on the way to the islands is a bliss. The actual tour takes about 4 hours if you make a stop for lunch, sunbathing or snorkelling so the earlier you set off, the better πŸ™‚

We had the option to either go with a single or a double kayak. Being a novice that I was at that time (first time kayaker to be exact), I kinda had to go with a double but that only added to the fun of the trip. Novice or not don’t though, listen to your instructor and put your lifejacket on πŸ˜› It could get quite wavy from the huge boats passing by Hvar. Equally, if you’ve never done kayaking before, don’t worry! We had to do quite a bit of catching up with the rest of the group but that only meant that we had tiny bit longer to enjoy the views. And trust me, those will stay with you for a while even after you’re done with the trip. Once we got to the shore, we were rewarded with a coffee and a hammock!


What’s so special you ask?Β 

Pakleni islands

Clear blue waters and barely any people round

Being able to look at Hvar as we were going further and further away from it was so incredible. Its harbour, its landscape, even the beautiful yachts perfectly positioned in different spots in the sea looked so peaceful and picture perfect. Hvar Town and the Pakleni islands really made me appreciate how virgin and untouched this area of Croatia still is … no mass construction, barely any traffic, huge green landscapes, no private beaches where you need to pay to lay down! It’s just the perfect place to escape from the city and the crowd.

Once we got to Pakleni, there was really only one thing I cared about, i.e. getting out of the kayak, putting on my swim suit and jumping in the water. Swimming in what was pretty much a deserted part of the sea was simply spectacular so if you’re ever in Pakleni, don’t be shy. Give yourself some ”me” time and have a swim. It’s delightful.

The trip to Pakleni islands was one of my highlights whilst in Croatia so don’t give it a miss. A number of companies offer kayaking tours so you can pick and choose which one fits your budget. We paid €35 per person and althought I found it expensive, I’m grateful I decided to bare the cost. It was worth every cent.


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Hvar kayaking