What I packed for my first solo trip

Aaaw I’m so excited 😀 As I’m writing this, there is only 1 day until I head to Slovenia all by myself for my first ever solo trip (only a 4-day trip but that’s ok, I sleep only 6 hours a day anyway 😀 ) and I literally cannot wait. A few months ago when I decided it was time to start challenging myself more, who would have thought this particular challenge would happen so soon.

If you’ve never done a solo trip before you might be thinking that I’ve lost my mind and you’ll probably be halfway to the truth but one thing is 100% sure – until I go and do it I wouldn’t know if it was just a crazy idea or it’s something that’ll completely transform the way I travel. We shall wait a few days and see about that … But until then, let me share with you what I’m packing in my backpack, YES! It’s just a backpack I’m taking:


Item 1. Minimum Clothing

A lot of people go overboard with packing way too many clothes that even if they are away for double the time, they still wouldn’t be able to put them all on. So why overpack and carry all that additional weight on your back (presuming you’re going with a backpack)? I’ve checked the weather (beautiful, warm and sunny), have already planned what I’m gonna do in Slovenia, I’ll be walking around a lot, hiking in Bled, maybe go out for dinner one night to try the local food, do yoga and that’s about it. I know exactly why I’m going to Slovenia so I know what kinda clothes I’ll need and I’ve packed exactly that – 4 tops for the 4 days I’m there, 4 shorts/leggings (1 of them for yoga), one dress for my dinner out, trainers and my PJ’s 😀 Clothing wise that’s it. I don’t need anything else (ok! apart from underwear and socks 😀 ). Next time you pack, think about it … Are you packing in way too many tops?


Items 2. Electronics

I’m taking with me my iPhone, laptop and camera. I don’t go anywhere without my phone, not to mention a trip to a different country all by myself 😀 I’ve got a mobile plan (with O2) which keeps me connected everywhere I go so I can answer your questions, text my friends, post some pretty pictures on Instagram, check my way on Google Maps etc. etc. I wouldn’t normally pack my laptop, actually that’s the first time I’m taking it with me and that’s only because I want to work on my blog whilst in Slovenia. But if you don’t absolutely need your laptop, just leave it home. As a general rule the less you have, the less you’ve got to worry about. That being said packing my camera is an absolute must! I got my first Canon recently and I gotta be prepared to take a picture of all those amazing sceneries I’m gonna see so do keep an eye on those pretty Insta photos 😀


Item 3. Adapter

I live in the UK so the plugs here are different from the EU standard which means that for me to charge my electronics I need an adapter that converts from a UK to an EU plug. I’ve packed one which should be enough. Make sure you check what plugs the country you’re going to uses and buy an adapter before you travel (tends to be cheaper).


Item 4. Portable charger

This is crucial! I’m gonna be travelling by myself and my mum would appreciate if she can contact me at any time in case she thinks I might be lost or kidnapped or something LOL Jokes on the side, as a solo traveler I need to be able to rely on my phone not dying on me if I happen to need to get in touch with someone. And don’t worry I’m not referring to any crazy stuff (like the kidnapping joke above), more like situations where I might need to call my Airbnb landlord or the company giving me a ride to the airport on the way back, things like that. So my fully charged portable charger will be right by my side. I use the Anker 5200 mAh and it can charge my iPhone twice but I’m sure any similar gadget will do the job.


Item 5. My audios 

I gotta entertain myself and also maximize my time (as always) so I’ve downloaded all the audios I’m planning on getting through whilst waiting at the airport and walking around in Slovenia. Previously I would carry my book with me but 1st) I don’t have space for it, and 2nd) I still haven’t mastered the walk and read combo so audios seem to be a much better choice 😀 I for example will be going through a bunch of tutorials on social media so it’ll be well exciting LOL


Item 6. Docs & Currency

Things like passports are self explanatory but what’s really important is to print all the essential confirmations I might need in case my phone gets stolen, lost etc. Things like that happen so you gotta be prepared. I’ve printed all my accommodation and transport confirmations. That way I’m 100% sure I’m gonna make it to my Airbnb no problem. I’ve also bought my Euros from London. I know exactly where to get the best rate (Thomas Exchange, if you’re a Londener) so why wait until I get to Slovenia? I also make sure I don’t bring too much cash with me. Worst thing is worrying about losing it. I bought €150 for my 4 days in Slovenia with the intention to spend only €100. The extra €50 are for any one-time opportunities that might come my way 😀 One final thing, although I won’t carry much cash, I will 100% have my debit card with me so make sure you’ve got it on you too before you travel 🙂

Depending on where and when you travel, there might be other things you’ll have to make space for in your backpack but I hope the 6 items I’ve listed above have been useful in reminding you to pack them before you travel. If you’re curious to see if the items above were sufficient in the end, have a read of the post I’ll be writing after the trip. Happy travelling and don’t forget to challenge yourself.

solo trip packing

Literally what I packed (apart from my iPhone which took this photo)

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