How I travel cheap

Let’s admit it! Unless you’re super rich that you don’t care about money, chances are you’ll want to make your travels a bit cheaper if you could, right? At least I do. That way I get to travel more without feeling guilty for splashing too much cash in one go 😀

Here’s how I minimize my costs on flights, accommodation and anything I need to buy for my trips.


Booking Flights

It all starts with choosing where to go and when. Sadly I still haven’t had the chance to do a super long holiday for over a month or so, so the majority of my trips are within Europe. And let me be clear, my goal is to go to every country I can possibly get to so for me it’s not of a big deal if I go to Montenegro or let’s say Portugal first so I very rarely have my heart set on any one location when it comes to booking my trips. SO when it comes to choosing where to go, I go to a a flight comparison website called SkyScanner, select the month I want to travel AND on destination select EVERYWHERE. This gives you the fares for all destinations (both countries and cities) starting from cheapest to most expensive for the chosen month. So if your’re not too sure where to go, this is an amazing little trick to make up your mind and save up a few $$$ by choosing a trip that’ll cost you slightly less. BUT I never make the actual booking through Skyscanner (I just worry they would be a miscommunication with the airline and that I’ll be left stranded with no seat on the plane 😀 ). So I use the website to compare prices and locations and book my flight straight from the airline’s website (Note: prices are exactly the same whether you purchase through Skyscanner or the airline).



This is a big one. Or at least it used to be a massive expense until Airbnb came along. Today I book the majority of my accommodations through Airbnb (if you sign up to Airbnb through one of the links here, you’ll get £30 or equivalent travel credit to pay for your next trip Yuppie 😀 ). For those who haven’t heard about it yet, it’s essentially a platform where people from all over the world list their rooms or entire properties for others to rent. It’s super easy to use. It’s reliable and in most cases it’s cheaper than staying in a hotel and you actually get so much more space for your money, in one word it’s great. As much as I love Airbnb however, sometimes it’s not cheaper than going into a hotel and also if you have to check-n late, hotels are kinda the only option as they tend to have a 24/7 reception which is something you don’t get with Airbnb. So I always always always do a comparison between Airbnb and Just a few days ago in fact I was looking for a place in Pisa, Italy for me and my boyfriend and I was a bit disappointed to see that Airbnb was more expensive than so we booked our stay into a small hotel instead. So to make sure you’ll getting a good deal, always do the comparison between the two 🙂


Travel purchases

It’s inevitable that you’ll need to buy some stuff before you travel. To get some cash back on those purchases I use a website called Quidco. It’s essentially a cashback site that works with many many different brands to offer a cashback on various products, including pretty much anything you might need for your travels. The way it works is that you need to create an account for FREE, to choose which cashback offer you want to get and follow the link on Quidco to go to the retailer’s website and buy the item. Quidco will track your purchase and after a few days when they confirm the transaction with the retailer, they’ll pay you back the cashback you’ve earned. It’s literally amazing! The cashback goes back straight into your bank account so you choose what to spend it on 🙂 I’ve already used Quidco quite a bit so I can testify that it’s not a spam. It’s all legit 😀 Before you’ve forgotten, sign up to Quidco for free here.

I also recently opened a free account with Ebates. I haven’t used them to purchase anything yet but I know a lot of people do so this is another great option to save some $$$.

These are my few sources of savings. If you have any other tricks underneath your belt, please share them in the comments below! The more we save, the more we travel so any other useful tips are warmly welcomed.

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