The investment in yourself is the best one you’ll ever make

If you’ve read my bio you would probably know already that I’m not much of a spender and I like to save up my $$$ to spend mainly on travel and experiences.

I started working when I was 15 and ever since then I always seem to have something to save up for, first it was uni, then it was my bills, then my travels and I never got to build that need to have stuff, be it expensive nice clothes, that perfect little black dress, the newest iPhone, or whatever else strikes your mind. That’s how I grew up to be what some of my friends would call ”cheap”, simply because they don’t see me buy stuff or splash cash on things I don’t value. And that’s how I continue to be today but with one small but very very important difference … now I invest in myself too!

Not a long time ago I had probably the most important realization as I was coming out of this event on personal development with a guy called Ed J C Smith (can search him on Facebook, he’s got some really inspiring content). I realized that one of the most valuable assets you can ever possess is your skillset. If you’re a tiny bit like me, you either save up as much as you can or whenever you spend, you do so mainly on a present or a little surprise for your family or friends, but not exactly on yourself (and I’m not talking about essentials here). But truth is if you wanna turn your life around, you gotta start investing in yourself more. Maybe you’re in a job you no longer enjoy but you don’t know what else you can do, maybe you’re in a job you do like but you need something else on the side, maybe you have a passion but are not sure how to make a living from it … whatever the situation is, investing in yourself to learn more is the key to unlocking the door to your better life. You might think that I’m just pulling words from the air to put this into a blog, so let me tell you the 3 things I invested in recently so you can relate to my story better (I’ll talk about the first 2 in more detail in another blog).

  1. Personal development training with Ed J C Smith (to figure myself out)
  2. An annual subscription with travel bloggers Hannah & Nate (to learn about blogging & social media)
  3. My new baby – my first ever professional camera Canon EOS 700D (to finally learn how to take nice pictures 😀 )

So here are the 3 reasons I believe we should all invest in ourselves more:


# Become more resourceful

Being more resourceful essentially means being able to do more things, i.e. offer more services, say teach a language, do accounts, take nice pictures … anything. To become more resourceful however you gotta learn a skill, you gotta invest in that course, that audio program, whatever it is that will help you offer this new service to others. And more often than not this requires a bit of investment, be it time and/or money. But what are a few $$$ if this new skill can help you get a new job, maybe become a freelancer, give you the chance to work and travel … whatever it is you dream about. A lot of people stay stuck in a life they don’t quite like simply because they think they can’t do anything else! In the world that we live in today, it has never been easier and cheaper! to learn. Now you can get so much knowledge literally for free, but again you need to invest the time. Companies like Coursera or offer many courses for free (I’ve personally taken on a Nutrition course with Shawacademy for free). And these 2 companies are only 2 of a large list of similar organisations. So I stand firmly by the wise saying that ”If there is a will, there is a way” and money and distance are no longer the reason we don’t get skilled because today it’s either free or cheap to get education and it’s all on the internet.


# Boost your confidence 

This is inevitable and is so powerful! When you learn to do more things, you’ll realize that now you have options and having this freedom to do whatever you want is a powerful confidence booster. You’ll realize that you’re no longer as dependent on any particular person or event, or even the economy because you’ll be able to leverage your skills so you can be alright regardless of the circumstances and this is something that’ll continuously work for you. Having confidence will make you go for it because you’ll have ingrained in you that ”You’ve got this” and even that in its own can change your life because how many time how you said No because you didn’t think you could do it?! Have a quick think about that 🙂


# Become happier

I mean who doesn’t want to be happier? If you’ve skipped the last 2 points, this one should stay with you to remind you that investing in yourself is the key to becoming happier today. Today you can be a lot of things (you can be an accountant, a web developer and a photographer all at once) and you can easily pick and choose until you find the few things that resonate with you that’ll help you improve your life. So search for those things and never stop investing in yourself and your skills. They will serve you forever! And when you find the things that make you truly happy, you’ll know it instantly and you’ll never look back 🙂

This was an important life lesson for me and I’m so grateful to be able to share it with you. If you’re considering taking some of the above on board, please leave me a comment to tell me that 🙂 For me personally, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing that I’ve made a tiny bit of change so if I have, please please let me know.

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