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Book your next trip to … Sozopol, Bulgaria. See why?!


As I’m writing this post I’m on my flight from Bulgaria heading back to London. This past week has been so full of fantastic emotions and sceneries, I just had to put it down in a blog and share it with you. 

I am Bulgarian, born and bread, and ever since I left my country to go study in Scotland I kinda had myself focused on travelling around the world, seeing other places, trying out new things and didn’t really spent a whole lot travelling around my own country because you know … it’s home, it’s close and I could always travel there (you must have had one of those situations where you didn’t do something just because it’s right at your doorstep and will be there anytime you reach for it). Anyway, this time round I decided to explore Bulgaria and for my first stop I picked the most charming place on the Black Sea, the beautiful town of Sozopol. Just a short drive down south from the buzzing city of Burgas where these days Ryanair and Wizzair make it so cheap and comfy to fly to, Sozopol is a must see destination!

If something could’ve melted my heart, it probably would have been this place. You must be thinking that I’m exaggerating but honestly if you go to Sozopol and do the 5 things I think you should do whilst there, you’ll know exactly what I mean.


Say big NO to the rocky beaches

Sozopol beachSozopol praises itself with its beautiful clean sandy beaches. It has 3 main beaches but my most favourite is the central beach overlooking the Old Town. It is right in the middle of town so it’s very easy to get to. Like most Bulgarian beaches, there are very stylish cafe/bar type of places right on the beach where you can order a drink which you can have right on the beach and they also play some cool music which really nicely lifts the mood and might even get you bouncing up and down on your way into the sea 😀 (if someone was following me with a camera, there would have definitely been some shots of me singing and dancing along). I just really love this part of the Bulgarian sea culture! 

You can sunbathe if you fancy topping up your tan, lie on the beach under an umbrella just chilling or maximising your time with some good audios 😀 or you can even try the water activities they offer relatively cheaply compared to other European resorts. One great thing about our beach places in Bulgaria is that you can easily pay to rent a big umbrella and a sunbed to make your stay even more comfortable, and again it’s super cheap! 

Price: Beach Umbrella 5 BGN

              Sunbed 7 BGN


Explore the Old Town

Sozopol old townEveryone who’s been to Sozopol will tell you that the Old Town is really what makes Sozopol so unique. With its wooden houses, cobbled narrow streets, authentic souvenir shops, history and many great seafront restaurants, the Old Town has a bit for everyone. An evening walk there is an absolute must but go whilst it’s still light so you can take some nice pictures (trust me you’ll want to take a photo of pretty much everything 😅)


Have dinner on the seafront restaurant street

SozopolAt night the best place to dine is definitely the seafront street full of many restaurants that go along pretty much the whole side of the Old Town. A dinner there will not only leave the foodie inside you super happy but it will leave you breathless with the stunning views of the arch, the evening lights and the beach (depending on which side of the street you pick to sit). Me and my parents were unfortunate to pick a place called “Dreams” which definitely was not the best option we could have gone for so I’d suggest you stay away from it food wise. But TripAdvisor recommends “Del Mur” so that might be one great option for you and you’ll be glad to hear that prices are pretty much the same 🙂 


For those who love a little treat, treat yourself!

Sozopol old townNow we talk ice cream and pancakes! The best ice cream you can go for is called Raffy. They have tons of different flavors and it’s cheap at only 1.59 BGN per 100gr so if you love your ice cream, don’t leave before  you have a couple of scoops of Raffy 😆 (my favourite flavor is cheesecake).

The other place that’s super yummy is called “Happy pancake workshop” (Rabotilnica na veselite palachinki, funny Bulgarian translation isn’t it lol) where you can have a salty or a sweet pancake (all jams they use are home made). Like every place in Bulgaria, they offer so much choice so you can order to your liking. I picked fig and fresh mint pancake for my breakfast but you can easily have one as your desert after lunch or dinner as they tend to be quite thin 🙈 (or so I thought). 


A day trip to the Castle of Ravadinovo

Ravadinovo castle

Ravadinovo castle

Ravadinovo castle

This place has become the new highlight on the Black Sea and for its short life of only 5 years, it’s managed to attract many eye balls already. Located just 4 km away from Sozopol, the castle was built by a Bulgarian architect whose dream was literally that, to build a castle one day, and not only did he made his dream come true, but he built a whole little fairytale world around it featuring fairy architecture, funky looking cafe, a huge lake, flower garden, cute lamas and various rare species of birds and wait for it .. even a horse farm where you can even ride if you so wish. 

Opening hours: 8:00-20:00 (7 days a week)

Price: 20 BGN

If you’ve got some leftover holidays you want to use up but not sure where to go, definitely check out those flights to Burgas and see for yourself why I praise Sozopol so highly. Sharing is caring so if you have a friend who’s wondering where to next, share this short post with them and maybe get them hooked up on the idea to join you to Sozopol.

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