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3 tips to create more time and do what you love

Time is the only one thing we all have in common! Regardless of what stage of our lives we are at and how much we have achieved or are still hoping to accomplish in life, I’m sure you’ll agree that we all have 24 hours a day, no more, no less.

However, you will also agree that there are people who somehow seem to achieve more with their time and seem to use these 24 hours more effectively and have enjoyed the success, freedom and richness that come with it. Think of anyone you deem successful, that’s who I mean πŸ™‚

I came to this quite simple but super eye opening realisation not a long time ago and it kinda turned my whole world around because I always seemed to justify ‘not doing’ with ‘I just don’t have the time’ … but then I thought “If other people have the time to build their dream life, why don’t I” so I committed myself to creating more time every single day.

I wanted to do more of what I loved, going to work and having just a couple of hours to myself were just not enough for me, sounds familiar? I wanted more, I deserved more, and so do you … I wanted to have the time to do yoga, go to the gym, start my blog and learn a hell of a lot more.

There probably are as many different strategies to create more time than there are people on this beautiful planet but here are my top 3:


Set the alarm up for earlier

Since we were kids we used to be told consistently that we need 8 hours of sleep to feel refreshed. But I challenge you to experiment with your body and see how you feel if you sleep 6 hours instead. It is scientifically proven that all you need is 2 REM cycles a night, each lasting 3 hours, in order to rest your body, so why do you sleep more than that?! Challenge yourself to start waking up earlier than usual, by say 1.5 hours. I used to wake up at 7:10am but now my day starts at about 5:20am and I never allow myself to sleep for longer than 6 hours. It’s done magic! Now I have 1.5 hours more each day to work on crafting my dream life without anything or anyone disturbing me and weirdly I now have even more energy than when I slept for 8 hour or longer. This it is hard at first, I won’t deny that, but to do more of what you love you need to start doing what most people don’t and won’t do and the first step is learning to create more time and to truly use it like a scarce resource.


Go Audio

Do you feel like everything takes forever, i.e. commuting, groceries shopping, walking from A to B, even ordering your occasional coffee?! if so…perfect! All of these situations are the ideal opportunities for you to squeeze your time and maximise it! Next time you cook your dinner, download Audible and start listening to your books (instead of reading them). I personally use Audible and I love it. You get a 30-day FREE trial plus 1 credit which basically means you get to listen to your first book for FREE, how great! If you want the free trial now (can cancel at any time), follow this link and start listening πŸ˜› Alternatively you can use audios to learn whatever it is you need to learn in order to start living your dream. Learning through listening is such an incredible, still underestimated, time saver and you’ll be amazed by how much more you can get through in a day if you listen instead.


Divorce Netflix

I know, I know… now that one seems like a ‘mission impossible’. Take an average week and calculate how many hours you spend watching Netflix, TV or any other channel you can watch movies on (be honest!). If you are like me and you love seeing an episode after episode of Friends (still!!!) or The Big Bang theory, you probably spend at least 5-10 hours (or more) a week watching some sort of TV. Now imagine how much you can get done if you had that time back?! Loads, right?! So divorce Netflix and make sure you never fall into the trap of watching one episode after another before you realise your day has gone.

I’ve realised that to achieve more you gotta challenge yourself more, so experiment with one or two or even all of the above three tips and tell me if they work for you.

*** The End! ***

Over to you! What are your tricks to create more time?